DRKSHDW is a sub-label of the avant-garde fashion brand Rick Owens. It offers a more accessible and casual interpretation of Owens' signature dark and edgy aesthetic. The collection includes oversized silhouettes, asymmetrical cuts, and an abundance of black and white tones. DRKSHDW also incorporates unconventional materials such as denim and jersey.

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  1. Beatle abstract

    As low as SEK6,750.00
  2. Eyelet abstract

    As low as SEK8,125.00
  3. Eyelet sneaks

    As low as SEK6,500.00
  4. Strobe sneaks

    As low as SEK5,775.00
  5. Cargo sneaks

    As low as SEK5,650.00
  6. Abstract sneaks

    As low as SEK6,750.00
  7. Black Cap

    As low as SEK3,485.00
  8. Cargo Sneaks

    As low as SEK5,500.00
  9. Messenger bag

    As low as SEK3,750.00
  10. Beetle boots

    As low as SEK4,495.00
  11. Abstract sneaks

    As low as SEK5,985.00
  12. Rubber Sneaks

    As low as SEK5,625.00
  13. Creatch Cargo

    As low as SEK5,695.00
  14. Gimp

    As low as SEK5,250.00
  15. Jason hoodie

    As low as SEK4,995.00
  16. Torrence cut

    As low as SEK3,995.00
  17. Worker Jacket

    As low as SEK6,375.00
  18. Boxer Pods

    As low as SEK3,650.00
  19. Pod Shorts

    As low as SEK3,225.00
  20. Double Sleeve

    As low as SEK1,895.00
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