Kenzo is a French luxury fashion house founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada in 1970. Known for its bold, colorful prints and avant-garde designs, the brand has become a favorite of fashionistas around the world. Despite Takada's passing in 2020, Kenzo continues to be a major player in the fashion world, with new creative director Nigo at the helm. With its vibrant prints and innovative designs, Kenzo is sure to remain a beloved brand for years to come.

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  1. Multicolour jumper

    As low as SEK6,400.00
  2. Leopard bomber

    As low as SEK7,500.00
  3. Boke jumper

    As low as SEK4,295.00
  4. Boke windbreaker

    As low as SEK6,400.00
  5. Boke logo tee

    As low as SEK2,175.00
  6. Cargo jogs

    As low as SEK3,600.00
  7. Boke flower tee

    As low as SEK1,450.00
  8. Pixel tiger

    As low as SEK2,095.00
  9. Logo tee

    As low as SEK1,675.00
  10. Boke flower

    As low as SEK4,125.00
  11. Paris sweater

    As low as SEK3,175.00
  12. Spring tee

    As low as SEK1,450.00
  13. Tiger sweater

    As low as SEK2,495.00
  14. Logo jumper

    As low as SEK2,995.00
  15. Logo jumper

    As low as SEK2,650.00
  16. Abstract jumper

    As low as SEK2,495.00
  17. Logo joggers

    As low as SEK4,150.00
  18. Logo jumper

    As low as SEK2,850.00
  19. Camo windbreaker

    As low as SEK3,650.00
  20. Patch shirt

    As low as SEK2,995.00
  21. Logo jumper

    As low as SEK2,900.00
  22. Logo sweater

    As low as SEK2,125.00
  23. Kenzo iphone x/xs max

    As low as SEK650.00
  24. Crest jumper

    As low as SEK2,875.00
  25. Logo knit

    As low as SEK2,695.00
  26. Sport backpack

    As low as SEK2,595.00
  27. Logo sport

    As low as SEK2,375.00
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